Cost of review: Free with product (no trial sizes), service, voucher, gift card, etc.


Cost of giveaway: Free with review. We do not offer giveaways without a review.

Please contact me, I’d love to work with you!


Timeline: Please allow 3-8 weeks after receiving the review item for your review to be completed. This allows me the proper time to get to know your product(s) thoroughly and to better give a full, honest review of them. Specific needs/dates can be discussed.


Giveaway shipping: Sponsors are responsible for shipping the giveaway prize to the winner(s). Sponsors may choose to send giveaway items to CGM with review item(s) along with a check (or paypal) to cover shipping costs to cover shipping item from 04210 to the winner(s) OR upon the winner(s) being chosen through rafflecopter, CGM will send sponsor the winner(s) personal information for sponsor to mail giveaway item directly to the winner(s). If sponsor chooses to send item to CGM and pay for shipping and the check/paypal is not sufficient for the cost of shipping to the winner including tracking and insurance, sponsor will have 7 days to remedy the situation (i.e. send the remaining cost), on the 8th day following the giveaway ending date, the winner will be offered the chance to pay shipping themselves or forfeit; a new winner will not be chosen.


Giveaway entry period: 21 days unless otherwise decided upon in writing with the sponsor


Negative reviews: As every review on my blog is 100% truthful, in my honest opinion, I will not withhold posting a negative review. That being said, I will make every attempt possible to remedy the situation and give your customer service a chance to prove themselves before publishing. I will add the result to my review or change it, depending upon the outcome, at my personal discretion.


If any check is returned for insufficient funds, CGM will not be responsible for what payment was to cover, i.e. if sponsor pays for giveaway but payment does not go through, CGM will not run giveaway nor be responsible for returning any items.