I find it ridiculously depressing that I even feel the need to include a statement of this nature, but in this day and age, I decided that I had the responsibility to tell you unequivocally that I am not a professional of any kind. Everything I write about on this blog represents my personal choices and opinions and should not be taken as medical advice or otherwise instructing you to make the same decision as I did. Just because something works well for my family, does not automatically mean that it’s best for yours (and vice versa) so take all my posts with a grain of salt and be sure to do your own research, perform your due diligence and determine if what I have shared would be a good fit in your families lives. Whenever possible, I link to my sources so that CGM readers (thank you!) can see where I got my information and why I made the decisions I made. That being said, I will always be upfront and tell you if a post is my opinion or if it is as factual as I can prove it to be. Everything on Chewy Granola Mama should be used as educational information only. If you choose to use any of the information on this website, you are doing so of your own free will and therefore you assume total responsibility and liability for your own actions. It is my opinion that you should *never* trust the opinion/information of any one person or source (even mine!) and that performing your own due diligence is of utmost importance when researching the best options for your family.