Comment Policy

Due to the controversial nature of parenting decisions in general but especially some of my personal choices, I have decided to have a strict comment policy. I will moderate all comments before they will be posted on my blog and anything not meeting the following guidelines will simply not be posted. I reserve the right to make exceptions per my discretion as well as to change these rules whenever I please with or without notice.


  1. No swearing, name calling or general bad language/hateful speech
  2. No judging others parenting, you can disagree without resorting to things like “you must not love your child” or “what’s wrong with you?”, etc.
  3. Introduce your opinions gently and back them up with information such as links to studies whenever you are stating facts.


Additionally, If you email me, all of the information in your email is mine to do with as I please, including quoting on my blog. However, I will remain respectful so long as you are.