About Me

Chewy Granola Mama is Terri Hutchinson, I’m a married mama of 2 boys ages 12 and 3; 1 angel baby whom we knew but didn’t meet before losing; as well as 2 grown stepdaughters, each with 2 small daughters of their own (the oldest of whom made me a grandmother, or “Nani” as they call me, at 25!)


I’m a 5th+ generation Mainer who has never lived more than 30 miles from where I currently reside in Auburn despite being a gypsy at heart who loves to travel (especially on the ground). I celebrated my 31st trip around the sun the autumn of 2015, which is what ignited my desire to fulfill my dream of finally launching this blog.


I am a babywearing, extended breastfeeder, extended rearfacer, intactivist, non-vaxxer, who buys non-gmo project verified and/or organic whenever possible and who LOVES to DIY. My preschooler was fully cloth diapered until he decided to potty train the last week of being 16 months and at night until a few months after that. I still devoted time to advocating for cloth diapers through the Central Maine chapter of The Rebecca Foundation’s Cloth Diaper Closet, which I was absolutely honored to be able to do, and continued until May 2016. I had realized that my heart just wasn’t in it anymore and decided that the foundation had been more than accommodating of my issues but that ultimately it would be in the best interest of everyone if I stepped down as chapter president. They found an amazing young woman to start a new chapter that would keep all the locally donated items in Maine to help out more families in our area so I was so excited to take the whole family on a day trip to Deer Isle where I passed everything on to the new Stonington chapter, run by Desiree Eaton. Please check out her chapter page here


I enjoy helping mama’s (and daddy’s; aunts/uncles; and even friends and all the other loved ones that make up a family <3) and their little ones and I am looking forward to sharing the story of my own family with you; the things that have worked well for us, occasionally bringing you honest reviews of products we try (and hopefully some great giveaways so you can try some of those items yourself!) and am very excited to speak with some likeminded individuals about those things I am most passionate.