“Clutter is simply delayed decisions” Stage 1 minimalism

As I go through each box of randomness, some from as long ago as the summer before I turned 18, I become more and more convinced that this is true, clutter is simply delayed decisions. With an overwhelming amount of clutter going back to childhood, I’ve never given myself the chance to be fully free of it all, until now. All because I couldn’t decide what to do with something, or got overwhelmed and shoved it all in a box “until later”…

Unfortunately, with so many things to do before the move, and so little time to do it (moving in T-minus 13 days!) things have become a bit constrained. The fully laid plans put in place this past year have had to change on the fly and I will need to finish the office/storage room in FAR less time than I originally prepared. That being said, this is probably the exact thing I needed to be able to sort through everything the way I’ve wanted to since the beginning but had such difficulty with, within my apartment; as well as give me a boost in motivation to finally be rid of everything we don’t need/want that is simply taking up space. While I am paying for it with more spasms, tightness and pain, seeing the pile which has been there in varying forms since I moved in, visibly shrink on a daily basis, knowing it will NOT be in our living space ever again, keeps me going at a record pace!

As I said in my last post, I am starting with a simple Keep*Toss*Donate which is exactly what it sounds like; starting a box for each category (with a trash bag lining the “toss” box) as well as a sell spot for particularly nice/useful items. This is NOT the time for examining things, nor reminiscing! If it takes longer than 10-15 seconds to decide, it goes in the keep box until Stage 2.

This is a before picture of my storage room shared in Decemberdscf4192and this is a picture before starting this time around.



I haven’t accomplished nearly as much in our apartment as I would have liked to get done by now, however, given the other things I have accomplished off my to-do list in the meantime, I feel good about where we are, I am choosing to listen to my mantra posted in the bathroom and believe it will all even itself out by the time we move.

IMAG1303Couple things I’m proud of crossing off my to do list:

* Just received my certificate of insurance and now I am just waiting for Monday to double-check on the permit being confirmed and we will officially be hosting the 1st annual Lewiston/Auburn Children’s March For Humanity! It will be a FAR scaled back version compared to the AMAZING things being done in Washington D.C. and nationwide but if it helps open the mind/heart/eyes of just one parent, who saves just one child, it will have been worth every moment!
* I’ve been dealing with more appointments, and more tests lately, having renewed my search for answers to my symptoms. Nothing new so far but hoping to expand upon that part of my journey starting next month. Cover what I have tried and perhaps get suggestions for the future ❤
* As to the new house ❤ This is what the yard looked like when we first went over and looked around outside. It may not look like much but I see so much potential!

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New grass everywhere, flowers in the corner, a few steps replacing the wobbly field stone and a raised bed along the edge of the house and the fence for veggies ❤

Shawn and I went over and raked every inch of the property last week,

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leaving only one last thing to figure out… how to remove all this glass!


I don’t know why there is so much but it’s definitely something that needs to be dug out before we can use the yard safely. It almost looks like someone used to sit and drink in the yard, smashing the bottles off the corner post of the deck, though it all appears to be clear glass and the man who lived there had a workshop so maybe it was art? or even just the broken window I found out front… though given the beer bottle caps found between the tub and wall upstairs and the empty beer cans in the back bottom of the bathroom closet… I feel perhaps it is the former rather than the latter… Honestly, no idea, but it has to go!

Other than that, the only thing we really had an issue with was the Bulky Waste Pick Up by the city of Auburn. Half was taken, half was not, yet only this was not allowed according to their press release… Instead of leaving it with the rest of the items not picked up, where it was located ON TOP of other trash to keep it from seeping into the ground, they decided to place it directly in front of the stairs… on the sidewalk… where it did this and is unable to be removed… and their response was to take it to this place… with NO ADDRESS…

IMAG0242IMAG0246                                                           IMAG0254

There had been a couch, chair, and tv stand all of which were taken, they took only half of what was in front of the house across the street as well despite it NOT being more than a pick up truck worth for them either… So while all the rules (except the liquids) were followed, this is what was left after the special clean up day was over… leaving me only one choice, to lay a tarp inside my minivan to haul all this to the transfer station myself…IMAG0244

ANYWAY… Here is what the yard looks like now! Lots of plans to make it better over time but soooo beyond excited to have a real yard of our very own!


After the landlady saw the yard, she told us how nice it looked and shared the secret hiding spot for the keys with us in order to clean the inside as well. Thankfully, since there is no way to get everything done completely on our own in time, I posted asking for reasonable rates for maids in my area to clean the house before we move in, and got 3 offers to help do it ourselves at a “cleaning party” ❤ My cousin and my best friend will be coming over next weekend to help me clean the house top to bottom! Another cousin is coming by this weekend to help with the basement so that can be painted and the kitchen so that I can leave some snacks/drinks for when we’re working over there and prepare a meal for the party ❤

There is so much more that I have wanted to share the past couple weeks (and honestly since starting!) but as I have said in the past, the anxiety of perfecting my writing often stops me from posting anything in the first place. I keep working on making it better, while the update gets longer and more irrelevant as time passes. Mostly, I feel it stems from not knowing what would interest others enough to read, comment and share my posts. Plus, to be honest, figuring out layouts and site design and all the technical background stuff that I haven’t taken time to learn because I am so busy/overwhelmed with everything else I am trying to do as well. I guess I just need to remember that no one reads all the posts of any blog, and it should be the information and community that matters, not how pretty it looks… so instead of spending 90% of my time perfecting the last 10% of my posts, I should stop trying to please people and just share whatever makes me happy or will bring back memories in the future when I look back with my children; in addition to the random links/pics shared on Facebook and any research based articles I write myself ❤

For now, I am going to leave you with some before pictures so that as we continue to work, I can share the progress with you as it happens 🙂



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