We got the house! Almost…

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind! Spring and the extra light Daylight Savings brings, always gives me a little boost of extra energy that is severely lacking during the long Maine winters. Of course, that means Spring is also the time of year that I tend to overextend myself the most and this year is no exception… In the past three weeks, Rohan gave up his afternoon nap and subsequently his only regular daytime nursing session (he’s still nursing just not everyday at 3); I signed up to run a March locally, to raise awareness about environmental toxins and the impact they have on our children; *and* I received an email response to my Craigslist ad from a very nice woman with the most perfect little house for us! It’s not quite a tiny house at 800sqft, almost exactly what we were looking for (with the exception of the yard) upstairs/downstairs with a basement, both bedrooms on the same floor, and so adorable! It even has my dream wall oven like my Grammy’s ❤

We finally got word last week that we have been **approved** and can move in June 1st!!! Now, it’s just a matter of coming up with the security deposit… please keep those prayers coming! 🙏 My realist side is telling me there is no way in the world for us to come up with it but my heart keeps screaming HAVE FAITH! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! For the first time in my life I am choosing, as best I can, to be optimistic about the possibility of things working out for us ❤

Waiting to move over there is killing me though, and having decided that I will NOT move everything again when we move to the house, I decided to put my anxious energy to use packing. Needing to get the most progress possible with the least amount of time and effort, I decided to focus solely on doing a simple *Keep*Toss*Donate* of the bottomless pit that is our storage room 🙈 Technically, there is a sell pile as well, but I put a $10 minimum on those figuring that it’s only worth doing the work of getting things sold if they are worth enough to sell online.

I considered packing like “normal” people, with all like things together, but until I know exactly what I have (and considering that none of the boxes I will be going through are even like items in the first place), it seems like an awful waste of spoons attempting a move like that in just a few weeks (especially with everything else going on)! Which is why I am starting with the K*T*D, the idea being that by the time we move, I will have finally laid eyes/hands on each and every item in that room.  Honestly, until that is finished, I cannot even imagine attempting to put everything away.  Some things already have homes like dishes, clothes, books, movies, pictures, toys, but everything else? It’s never had a home. Once I have sorted through all the boxes, minimizing in the process, I will finally know exactly what I have and be able to properly organize everything in the new house.

Everything in the keep pile will be moved up to the storage unit we rented for the move; anything for sale will be photographed and posted on the marketplace each night (with any money going towards the deposit); and everything else (not tossed) will go to our basement corner until the last weekend of May when I plan to have a ‘free sale’, just what it sounds like, a free yard sale. I am much more interested in someone finding something of use to them than dealing with the enormous stress of yard sales to get the dollar or less I might haggle for it! Everything is going out on the lawn for people to take whatever they’d like. Anything left will be dropped at the shelter where my husband and I met as a final goodbye to our old life, embrace the great, learn from the bad and work together to create the life we’ve always dreamed of living ❤

What that means for Chewy Granola Mama is simpler/shorter updates, most of which will be made on Facebook so if you haven’t followed CGM yet, please go “like” us and consider joining our Facebook community at Chewy Granola Mamas


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