Asking for prayers <3

Anyone who follows my WordPress blog knows that I haven’t been on recently, that is because I have been busy searching for a new home for my family  A fresh start, giving us the chance to live the life I’ve longed for since childhood, and *we found it*! A *real* HOUSE, with an upstairs/downstairs and basement! It may not sound like much but for someone who never had that growing up and just wanted to come downstairs for Christmas 🎄, and now the idea of giving that to my children, this is HUGE!

If anyone out there wants to help me with a more powerful spell and has a candle, (white/orange/green/gold would be perfect but blue/silver would work too), please join me in saying the spell below (edited slightly from this spell for others to help:

Reciting the spell with conviction and confidence after thinking about our situation for a few moments will be just as powerful with or without the candles so don’t feel there is only one way to do this! A prayer of any kind, said with love to your God(dess) is amazing, that you would take time for us, is worth so much to me

If you’d like to join me, anytime between now and 1pm EST (I’ll be doing mine at noon) simply do the following:

Light a candle (check the first comment for intentions behind the colored candles) and watch the flame for a few moments while contemplating the situation at hand

Imagine what the outcome should be (in this case, that we find a compromise to rent the house we’re interested in) and once it is clear in your mind, recite the following:

A house of her own
A house to be free
A house that loves her
And is perfect for she

A perfect house
To rest and to play
Where her heart is at home
Is now coming her way

Her own home to live
To love, learn and grow
Tis my will, now MAKE IT SO!

Repeat if you feel it didn’t come out strongly and/or until you feel it has taken effect; the candle (if used) may flicker, or even dim greatly before roaring back to life, or you may just have a content feeling that you’ve done what you can.

At this point, pray to the God/Goddess of your choosing and ask for the gift of compromise today, that the drop in rent be worth it in another area such as our willingness to sign a long term lease. Ask for this new beginning for us. I am ready to shed ALL the old, take only what we need with us and move forward into my new life, with a happier family

Thank you so much!


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