I wasn’t prepared for that…

I promised to come back yesterday and talk about what I did in my living room, but when I woke up, and I decided to poke around on Facebook for the first time in months, my heart dropped… A friend of mine, the most amazing mom I know, who was pregnant with her last child, a little boy, lost him just after I left </3 So while I still haven’t touched the living room, I was hard at work all day yesterday on this:

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed painting before my car accident that injured my dominant hand and left me unable to do any of the creative pursuits I used to enjoy without pain and stiffness. It was a hundred percent worth it though, this came out better than I ever imagined.

This month will mark five years since I lost Angel, which devastated my husband and I, and I was just 8 weeks the day we discovered Angel hadn’t grown in 2 weeks and there was still no heartbeat… knowing that she was nearly half way through her pregnancy… I can’t even imagine…

Did you know that 1 in 4 women loses a baby before they are born?


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