Happy Anniversary

14 years ago today my husband and I officially started dating when he asked me if I would “be his girl” so in honor of our anniversary, the story of how we met ❤


I had turned 18 in September 2002, shortly after that my best friend moved in to my mobile home with me. She designated herself “house bitch” meaning that she cooked and cleaned, while I went to school and work. One day in early December while I was at work, she started to do a load of dishes but there was apparently a hairline crack in one of the glasses, as she put her hand in and twisted to wash it, it broke apart, slicing her hand open. We lived in a small town with no hospitals and I had our only vehicle so she ended up having to call an ambulance to obtain medical care.


The night before there had been this HUUUGEE wind storm, there was literally *nothing* except wind, no rain, no snow, nothing, just extremely fierce winds. It had knocked over our pole that had all the meters on it (electricity, water, etc.) without disconnecting anything, it just kind of laid across our yard. However, when the ambulance arrived, they said that it was dangerous as someone could walk into it, and though I countered “only an intruder crossing my yard at night” they said that we would need to replace the pole and called our electricity company to have them shut off our power. My father was my landlord and because I hadn’t paid all of my rent, he refused to replace the pole. I couldn’t afford the $500 myself so we ended up homeless.


We stayed in a Motel 6 the first two nights with my pet mouse. (I never did find out what happened to my cat Tabaxi and I felt guilty for a long time after that, I still do :/ though I am hoping he ended up a mouser at the horse farm next door) We couldn’t afford another night and I was too exhausted after school and work to drive anymore so we stayed in the car overnight in the Walmart parking lot the next night, I was too stressed to sleep plus it was freezing so I kept going in and out of the store, sitting on a bench inside, until the “greeter” told me I couldn’t come back in, even after explaining I had nowhere else. We were able to stay with her sister for a week but my friend had had her boyfriend take a bus there and he had moved in too so when I lost my job, she kicked us out saying “I would only expect someone to help me for a week” We put him back on a bus (or otherwise sent him back) then stayed in my car and drove between the two larger cities near us. We stayed in a homeless shelter in Portland one night after finding a police officer around 1 am who brought us over and made them let us in even though it was too late. We had just a gym mat on the floor stuffed like sardines with 20+ other women, but it was better than being outside. They woke us up at about 6am the next morning saying “Good morning ladies, it’s a beautiful day outside…. somewhere” and then laughing as they told everyone to hurry and get their things, kicking us all out into the cold….


We decided to head back to Lewiston since she knew someone there who might be able to help us. As she came back out, she told me they had a solution but I wasn’t going to like it, we were going to have to stay with “Jesus people” because the best her connection could offer was a phone to call a nearby shelter… The guy who picked up on the other line was named Shawn, he was the security officer at Hope Haven Gospel Mission in Lewiston, Maine. He thought my bff was the pastors daughter Jen messing with him (she would know there was only the 2 beds we were asking about) so he was all “yeah right Jen… okay, come on over and see the beds we have…” laughing, we decided to go directly over so we wouldn’t miss out on the beds. The look on his face was priceless as he realized we really weren’t Jen!


While we were filling out the paperwork to stay there, after getting our pictures taken and getting checked in, he says that he’ll be right back and walks through a door by his desk. When he appeared back in the doorway, there was another man with him, they whispered something, the man went back into the kitchen where he was working on dinner for the soup kitchen downstairs and Shawn came back in to sit down. I never did find out what they whispered but that man in the kitchen, became my husband ❤ He told me that week that he had been there for a week or so after he had given up his apartment to the girl he had been seeing so that she and her two kids wouldn’t be homeless when they broke up. He was feeling really upset about another relationship ending, so he prayed for the first time in a long time for God to send him someone who would love him, who would be there for him and who he could love as well. Turns out, he prayed the same night as the wind storm…..

Happy Anniversary Babe ❤


How did you meet your significant other?



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  1. Zera says:

    Such a beautiful post! Thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I read a few others as well, really amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ❤ Thank you so much for the thoughtful comment!


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